Factory + Offices Located in Los Angeles, CA


Washington Lighting’s founding members are a mix of accomplished professionals in the fields of architectural lighting design/engineering/manufacturing, marketing & sales, customer service & logistics, and preeminently — commercial cultivation & research.

Seizing the irrefutable opportunity, we married 30 years of lighting design/manufacturing with 10+ years of professional/legally compliant cultivation operations & research to develop premium LED horticulture lighting designed to disrupt the industry’s present state of affairs.

After 2 years of research/development & testing, we proudly offer our line of industrial-grade full-spectrum LED horticulture light fixtures — Disruptive600 (600WATT fixture), and coming soon KANAB200 / KANAB400 (200 & 400 WATT fixtures) — designed per outdoor lighting standards (built to withstand outdoor conditions), using only premium quality electrical components for high performance and efficiency, and are backed up by our exceptional warranty.